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Schaumburg & Partner

Patents. Profit from ideas

We are specialized in identifying the core of the invention and in drafting patent claims that are delimited over the previously identified prior art. In addition to relevant German and European regulations according to the German Patent Act and the EPC, we also consider international requirements to enable a worldwide patent protection based on the initial German or European application, such as by a PCT application. For our national and international clients, we take care of the examination procedures before the Patent Offices, starting with filing the request for examination and the search request up to the grant, as well as national validation. We defend the patent applications of our clients against examiners with respect to patentability requirements such as novelty, inventive step, clarity, reproducibility and technical character, the latter in particular in the case of computer-implemented inventions (CII) or software patents.

After grant of the patents, we defend their legal validity in opposition and nullity proceedings before the GPTO, the Federal Patent Court, the Federal Court of Justice, the EPO and its Boards of Appeal. Here, in addition to prior art from printed publications and the Internet usually cited in the examination procedure, often evidence of public prior use is in dispute, which we counter professionally while considering the relevant case law.

We monitor and destroy patent applications and patents of our clients’ competitors. During the proceedings for grant, we file so-called observations by third parties to make aware of prior art or other reasons impeding the grant of a patent. We attack granted patents by way of filing an opposition or a nullity suit.

We manage the patent portfolios of our clients worldwide and maintain a comprehensive network of international contacts for this purpose. Thus, we support our clients’ patent strategies to protect their technical innovations all over the world.