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Schaumburg & Partner

Designs. Form follows function

In recent years, design protection has become more and more important for our clients. Registered designs allow for a comparatively cost-efficient protection of products with respect to their shape and color. We support this development at all stages of obtaining, enforcing and defending design rights.

Prior to filing a design application, we search for pre-known shapes and designs to evaluate novelty and distinctiveness of the design. To achieve an effective design protection when filing the design application, we take care of suitable product drawings defining the scope of the design. With respect to possible subsequent international applications, we also consider filing requirements of foreign Patent Offices to enable a worldwide design protection claiming priority of an earlier application.

After registration of the design, we take care of its enforcement and defense against imitators. For this purpose, we represent our clients before the GPTO, the EUIPO, the Federal Patent Court, the Federal Court of Justice, the Court of the EU and the Court of Justice of the EU.